Important Update:


I have resumed my practice as of August 3rd, 2020.
Currently, I am accepting appointments from my existing clients only. If you are an existing client and wish to make appointments, please email me to request access to my new online booking system.


Before you send your request, please kindly read through the new protocols for my practice below:



Fee Increase


To ensure the safety of our patients, Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to treat each client. In order to cover the increased cost of PPE and additional sanitizing supplies for my practice, as of August 3rd, 2020, I will be adding a small fee of $2.50 per treatment. This small amount will go to ensure that all of my clients, and I, will stay healthy and safe.

My new fee schedule will be:

30 minutes: $62.5

45 minutes: $77.5

60 minutes: $92.5
75 minutes: $107.5

90 minutes: $122.5


(Tax included)




Upon making an appointment, you will receive a pre-screening form via email, so please fill out and return it before your appointment. I will also do a screening prior to the treatment on the day of your appointment. Please keep in mind that I may have to decline providing treatment depending on your condition and answers to the screening questions.



Requirements for Clients


Please wear a face mask(either disposable or reusable) when you enter the building. Please keep wearing it during treatment and do not take it off until you leave the facility.


In case you forget to bring a face mask, I will provide one at your cost ($1.00).

If you refuse to wear a face mask without a pre-existing medical condition, I will not provide massage treatment.


Please be on time, as I have to do cleaning and disinfecting between clients. When you arrive, please wait outside of the club and I will contact you when it is okay to enter and proceed to my office. If you arrive late for your appointment, your treatment time will be shortened accordingly. Please note that my existing policy regarding charges for late or cancelled appointments will still apply.


Limited Daily Capacity

I will only be able to treat a maximum of 3 clients per day, due to increased sterilization activities between each client. As a result, the maximum treatment time will be limited to 60 minutes. I will announce in future when 75 minutes and 90 minutes appointments will be available.


Thank you in advance for your patience and supporting my practice.
Please be safe and stay well.

Hiroko Hirano, RMT

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